Captech partners with Ortea in new technology agreement

Working with key partners is pivotal to delivering leading power quality solutions, and we recently continued this success with new partners, European energy technology company, Ortea.

Captech, as Ortea’s exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand, recently installed an Ortea OPTInet voltage optimiser system at a major Australian supermarket.

Designed to deliver financial, energy and carbon emission savings to customers, Ortea OPTInet voltage optimisers can be supplied standalone or alongside a power factor correction system as a full power quality package

Ortea OPTInet voltage optimiser systems are installed in series with the main electricity supply to rapidly regulate and stabilise the incoming voltage to the desired level, especially when the supply voltage is subject to fluctuations.

Ortea has been leading the European market for over 40 years, assisting heavy energy users and alternative energy suppliers to optimise their electrical networks with quality voltage optimisers and stabilisers.

Ortea’s solutions complement Captech’s current offering, including power factor correction systems and components, allowing us to provide full power quality packages for heavy energy users with power quality problems.

Captech Managing Director, Yury Brodsky explains that the partnership allows integration of their products with Ortea’s innovative and proven technology, enabling their customers to take energy management to the next level and directly benefit from reduced energy bills.

He adds that the voltage optimisation also reduces the stress on operating equipment, therefore lowering maintenance costs and extending the life of expensive assets.

Yury concludes that the Ortea partnership transforms Captech into Australia’s single source supplier of power quality solutions and services.

For further information regarding voltage optimisation or power quality, including the Ortea range, contact us on 1300 280 010, or email