Managing Energy in the Outdoor Environment

Perisher Blue Ski Resort was experiencing problems with their Village 8 Express Chairlift. The ski lift lighting circuits were tripping frequently, leaving night-skiers in the dark for up to 10 minutes at a time while the lights cooled and power was restored.
This was causing inconvenience for night-skiers as well as creating potential hazards.

What We Did

Captech’s careful analysis of the system showed that the 292kW DC motor drive for the chairlift was generating large amounts of harmonic currents which were causing the system to trip.
Captech designed a shunt harmonic filter solution to improve the quality of the power supply by removing the offending harmonics.


  • „„System current was reduced by 226A
  • „„Significant improvement in power quality and power factor
  • „„Significant reduction in harmonic voltage distortion and current distortion – reducing the total harmonic voltage distortion from 21% to 8%, and the total harmonic current distortion from 29% to 9%
  • „„Tripping of the lighting circuit was completely eliminated
  • „„Additional benefit gained by Perisher was the ability to operate snow making machines off the same power supply due to the reduction in system current.

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