The Office of Environment and Heritage has launched its much anticipated Voltage Optimisation Guide

On Friday (April 1), the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) launched its much anticipated Voltage Optimisation Guide and Factsheet.

Commissioned by OEH, the guide provides information to:

  • Understand the basics of voltage optimisation
  • Understand the potential benefits and impacts of voltage optimisation; and
  • Provide a clear and simple decision making framework to consider the applicability of voltage optimisation for a site.

In two sections, the guide covers a background to voltage optimisation, and a detailed decision making guide.

Section one includes voltage concepts that provide information on three focus areas;

  1. What is voltage?
  2. How can voltage be managed?
  3. What is voltage optimisation?

Section two clearly details the decision making process for investment opportunity in voltage optimisation, including examples and case studies to illustrate any benefits or opportunities that may be available.

Further to the general framework provided in the OEH Voltage Optimisation Guide, we here at Captech can develop a tailored energy saving solution for your requirements as part of a detailed audit of your energy system including ROI and energy saving modelling.

Voltage optimisation is a specialist skill, but a simple method for saving energy.

Read more about voltage optimisation here, and see our case studies on both voltage optimisation and power factor correction here.

You can also see further voltage optimisation case study and financing information here and here