Power Factor Correction and its Effect on your Bottom Line

Inefficient utilisation of incoming power can lead to significant, unnecessary costs added to your power bill. In addition, poor power quality will have a negative impact on the ongoing, efficient operation of workplace machinery.

Power Factor Correction acts as a means to improve power quality, ensuring that incoming power is consumed efficiently by your electrical systems, and in many cases freeing up substantial savings to your organisations bottom line.

Power Factor – What is it?

Power Factor is defined as the ratio of Real to Apparent power, where:

  • Real Power: Is the power utilised to run equipment and perform productive work.
  • Reactive Power: Is the power required by certain equipment (eg. transformers, motors and relays) to produce a magnetic field for operation without performing any productive work.
  • Apparent Power: Is the vector sum of real and reactive power. Apparent power corresponds to the total power required to produce the equivalent amount of real power for the load.

Power Factor is commonly expressed on a scale of 0-1 with 1 representing the most efficient consumption of incoming power. Whilst ideal, a power factor of 1 is regularly considered unachievable as compensation is not a linear function.

A power factor of 0.95 is widely accepted as efficient utilisation of incoming power, whilst power factor readings that fall below 0.9 will lead to increased energy costs due to the additional energy drawn by equipment to complete the same amount of work. That additional energy drawn by a higher internal current will generate excessive heat, damaging or significantly reducing the life of workshop equipment.

How does it work?

PFC systems monitor and regulate power factor using a bank of capacitors (or reactors if the load is capacitive) to offset an inductive load, achieving a decrease in the total amount of power drawn from the supply source.

How can Captech meet your PFC needs?

Backed by 30 years of industry experience, Captech are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of Power Factor Correction systems. Our PFC solutions are customisable, ensuring an appropriate solution is developed and applied to solve your unique power factor problem. In addition to our design, manufacture and installation offering, Captech offer a significant PFC equipment maintenance program that aims to ensure your system continues to operate at optimum performance levels.

The Captech PFC equipment maintenance program is designed to be undertaken every 6 months and includes the following checks:

  • Electricity load reduction
  • Voltage levels
  • Harmonic content
  • Detailed equipment condition
  • Full functional operation

Upon completion, a comprehensive report is supplied outlining the work completed and case specific recommendations for further consideration.

For further detail on how Captech’s PFC solutions can positively impact your organisation, click here to contact us.