Introducing the RCM410R – An effective solution to earth fault monitoring

Designed to detect and locate developing earth faults, residual current monitors are of critical importance to essential electrical systems and equipment.

Whilst providing a level of protection to human life, the permanent monitoring of earth currents within electrical installations and equipment also assists in the avoidance of unexpected power interruption and system downtime.

Bender’s range of residual current monitoring devices for TN/TT systems monitor electrical installations for residual and/or fault currents, generating early warning alerts when pre-set response values are exceeded but have not yet reached the critical value where isolation is required by the relevant standards.

New to the Captech range of Bender residual current monitoring devices is the RCM410R. The AC and pulsed DC device is designed for residual current monitoring in earthed systems, with key features including:

  • A small 18mm wide footprint providing significant space saving within the installed unit.
  • MODBUS RTU protocol.

For more information on Captech’s range of Bender residual current monitoring devices, click here.