About Captech


Captech is a dedicated power quality company that is in the engineering, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of energy saving and quality of electrical supply solutions. We also provide service and maintenance of Power Factor Correction Equipment.

Captech is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of power quality solutions and offer a range of products and services including:

  • Power Factor Correction
  • Harmonic Filters and Reactors
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • NER and Resistor Solutions
  • Surge and Lightning Protection
  • Specialist Electrical Protection Equipment
  • Electrical Safety Equipment
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Solutions Battery Management Solutions
  • Power and Specialist Transformers
  • Energy Management and System Analysis
  • Service and Support

Captech use and supply a range of electrical products from world leading suppliers including Bender, Frako, Powerohm, Ortea and Merus Power.



Based in Melbourne, Captech (also known as Capacitor Technologies) was established as a private company in 1990 as a subsidiary of HEATECH Engineering, an induction furnace manufacturing company with a solid German background of electrical engineering. The early days saw the design and manufacturing of complex induction furnaces, growing to provide specialist power quality products for major companies throughout Australia.

Captech soon developed its own identity and became well known by power authorities and major businesses for providing quality products with excellent service. Captech filled the needs of businesses for the demands of specialist expertise in the growing Energy Market. During this time Captech continued to develop to meet the needs of the ever increasing demand for effective power quality solutions. Commitment to ongoing research and development was the key to our success and saw the introduction of the only Solid State system designed and manufactured in Australia.

Through the years the company experienced growth in expertise and new products as well as the development of agents and sales offices throughout Australia. The prompt and friendly support to customers was a key aspect to the success of the business.

In 2003 Captech became a subsidiary of CBD Energy Limited – a public company listed on the ASX. Captech has since expanded its range of products and services through Australia and overseas continuing to be a leader in the market of development and supply of high-quality Power Factor Correction equipment to commercial and industrial sectors.

In September 2013, Captech was acquired by Ampcontrol Pty Limited, a leading privately owned business which specialises in the design and manufacture of electrical solutions for its customers across the mining, tunnelling and utilities sectors.

Captech is a distributor of a highly diversified range of capacitors for alternating currents, particularly for applications in the areas of motor start, motor run, power electronics and lighting, for power factor correction capacitors, filtering of electrical harmonics and electrolytic capacitors.

The Company is also the Australian National Distributor for Bender (Germany) – a World leader in the manufacturing of safety, protection, measuring and monitoring systems for industrial, military and medical applications.

Captech is highly regarded for its expertise in design, development, manufacture and support services. We are committed to ensuring that our quality management system complies with ISO9001:2008 and that its effectiveness is continually improved.

As an integral part of the community we are committed the health and safety of our employees and the wider community, and to minimising any impact on the environment by ensuring compliance with the requirements of the environmental management standard ISO14001.