33kV NER to protect
Mount Gellibrand wind farm

Situated 60km west of Geelong in VIC, the Mount Gellibrand wind farm is well underway.
Consisting of 44 turbines, the wind farm is expected to generate up to 132 Mega Watts, the equivalent to 60,000 households energy needs.

What we did

As part of generation and distribution network, the necessary protections need to be in place to ensure a safe and consistent supply of energy whilst preventing electrical infrastructure damage.

To achieve this, a Neutral Earthing Resistor (NER) was installed to limit the current that would flow through the neutral point in the event of an earth fault.

Captech have designed and manufactured a custom 33kV, 600A Neutral Earthing Resistor housed in an Outdoor IP23 rated enclosure. The NER element was manufactured by Powerohm, USA.

In addition, the NER included a sensing resistor, CT’s and monitoring relays.

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