Energy savings achieved
for local club

Voltage optimisation and voltage stability ensures consistent and optimal electrical supply to the premises. The result is a range of cost saving benefits.
Gosford RSL took the proactive step of approaching Captech to solve their issue of excessive power usage and occurrences of damage and outages of electrical equipment (IT, HVAC and refrigeration).
With a planned 30% floor space expansion and resulting equivalent energy load growth, Gosford RSL needed a solution that was designed with the future in mind.

What we did

Analysis of the system showed power surges and spikes of over 255 volts.
Captech supplied and commissioned a 720 kVA Ortea Optinet Plus Voltage Stabiliser/Optimiser, which included an integrated manual bypass and custom built outdoor cabinet.
The system reduced the voltage to a stable 220V, protecting expensive electrical equipment and electric motors, prolonging the assets lives, reducing maintenance costs and reducing the sites overall energy consumption by 8.9%.

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