Energy Savings through
Voltage Optimisation

Energy bills were becoming unacceptably high at the IGA at Clarencetown. A solution was sought to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

What we did

Analysis of the system showed that the customer had high energy usage due to an inefficiently high voltage supply from the grid which can cause over voltage issues such as overheating of motors and malfunctions of sensitive electrical equipment, as well as increased energy costs.

Captech installed and commissioned an 115kVA Ortea Optinet Voltage Optimiser unit at the Supermarket. This improved energy costs by reducing energy consumption (kWh) and reduced maximum demand charges as well as improving power quality by stabilising and balancing phase voltage supply.

Following installation CapTech completed a measurement and verification report to the customers where we analysed the energy use after installation and compared this to energy consumption before installation.

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