Growth Through Greater Efficiency

Stramit sheetmetal have an industrial site in Bayswater, Victoria. In 1999 they had outgrown the available electricity supply to their site, and needed an extra 100A to run new machinery. Stramit were looking for a solution that did not require a disruptive and expensive upgrade.

What we did

Captech found that some inefficient machinery was draining a big part of the reactive power, hampering the performance of the whole system. They designed and installed a new power factor correction unit to the electricity distribution board which freed up 125 Amps of capacity for new equipment.

Stramit went on to use power factor correction at their other major site, spending only $16,000 up front to get a 2 year payback on the investment from savings on their power bills. 


Stramit Sheetmetal


PFC Equipment


  • Significant reduction in system current
  • Reduced energy and running costs
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • An unexpected benefit for Stramit was the spare capacity for site operators to move plant around to suit production and growth further improving efficiency
  • Better machinery performance and operating life with fewer motor burnouts, reducing maintenance requirements

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