Improving Distribution and Supply
Chain Reliability

A reliable conveyor belt system is a crucial part of a large distribution centre and significant costs are associated with lost production due to equipment malfunction. Efficiency is also reduced due to the inability to effectively schedule operations.

At the Woolworths distribution centre at Hume Broadmeadows, overheating and malfunctioning equipment was causing major problems to the conveyor belt system.

Overheating of equipment was causing tripping of the main circuit breaker, and producing unpredictable equipment operation due to frequent loss of supply.

What we did

Analysis of the system showed that a poor power factor was causing unstable power supply to the conveyor belt installation and high current requirements which were creating overheating issues and equipment malfunction.

Captech installed automatic power factor equipment between the sorter distribution board and the conveyor belt, improving power factor and reducing the current required by the system.

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