Parramatta Council gets a the whole
CBD working smarter

Parramatta City Council is ahead of the game in their energy management, thanks to a power factor correction project undertaken in 2004.

The Council, as part of an incentive scheme to use power more efficiently in Parramatta’s CBD, undertook the installation of power saving equipment as part of the council’s broader demand management initiative.

What we did

Captech assisted in the supply and installation of power factor correction equipment in three buildings in Civic Place.

The whole project was implemented with an outlay of only $28,000, with a contribution of $3,200 from Integral Energy in the form of a subsidy for installing the technology.

After overseeing the installation of the power saving equipment, Lord Mayor Julia Finn spoke at the launch of the new equipment stating “Electricity is a cornerstone of our daily lives.”

She explained that “Parramatta City Council’s experience is that the introduction of a small device such as this Power Factor Correction equipment has environmental benefits; it makes sound business and economic sense and it contributes to the continued welfare of other businesses in the city by lessening the likelihood of a power outage”.

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