Providing Power Factor Technologies
to the Solar Industry

Yates Electrical were developing a 1MW solar PV system consisting of 4,000 x 260W Solar PV  panels which will be distributed amongst 20 x 50kW string inverters.

The PV inverters were required to operate with a power factor of 0.8 to maintain satisfactory voltages on the South Australian Power Network.

What we did

To maintain a power factor of 0.8 required a 600 kVAR reactor bank to be installed at the site.

Captech designed and manufactured a variable and switched 600 kVAR reactor bank to provide reactive VARs to the network. The reactor bank has 12 x 50 kVAR reactor steps which are switched by the customer’s PLC depending on the amount of reactive power required by the network.

Uniquely in this case Captech were required to design a reactor bank which had the opposite function of a capacitor bank and was required to provide an inductive load to help stabilise the network.

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