Reducing Consumption on a
National Scale

Woolworths, and supermarkets in general, typically consume the majority of their energy in their retail operations through refrigeration and air conditioning. In such cases, opportunity exists in addressing such large energy usage by implementing cost savings measures, in this case, voltage optimisation.

What we did

Captech were selected to supply 100 voltage optimisation units to Woolworths sites nation wide. The project included site energy analyses to identify those stores suitable for VO.
Partnering with Ortea, Captech commissioned the manufacture of the VO units and will undertake the required structural and electrical engineering to install the customised units to each site.

Once installed, the VO units inputs and outputs will be monitored both on site and remotely, as well as physically maintained by Captech for a period of 10 years.

In these types of environments, voltage optimisation units can typical expect energy saving of up to 15% for HVAC&R. This will often equate to a 2-3 year payback period on investment.

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