Reducing Energy Consumption
on a National Scale

Voltage optimisation and voltage stability ensures consistent and optimal electrical supply to an organisation’s premises, and results in a range of cost saving benefits.

Woolworths, and supermarkets in general, typically consume the majority of their energy in their retail operations through refrigeration and air conditioning. Opportunity therefore exists in addressing such large energy usage by implementing cost saving measures such as, in this case, voltage optimisation.

What we did

Captech was selected to supply 100 voltage optimisation units to Woolworths’ sites nationwide. The project included site energy analysis to identify those stores suitable for voltage optimisation.

Partnering with Ortea, Captech commissioned the manufacture of the voltage optimisation units and undertook the structural and electrical engineering required to install the customised units to each site.

Now that they are installed, the voltage optimisation units’ outputs are being monitored both on site and remotely, as well as being physically maintained by Captech for a period of 10 years.

In these types of environments, recipient organisations can typically expect energy savings
of up to 15% for their voltage optimisation units. This often equates to a two to three year payback period on investment.


Once the voltage optimisation units were in operation, Woolworths engaged industrial energy efficiency experts Out Performers to independently measure and verify the energy savings for this Captech project.

The government recognised IPMVP M&V protocols were used in Out Performers’ calculations.
Out Performers studied a sample of six of the 32 stores where Captech voltage optimisers were installed.

The summary results reveal that only one voltage optimisation unit did not exceed energy saving predictions and even then only a small difference was noted (see the table and graph below).

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