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Power Factor Correction system

Power Factor Correction and its Effect on your Bottom Line

Inefficient utilisation of incoming power can lead to significant, unnecessary costs added to your power bill. In addition, poor power quality will have a negative impact on the ongoing, efficient operation of workplace machinery. Power Factor Correction acts as a means to improve power quality, ensuring that incoming power is consumed efficiently by your electrical […]

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Woolworths store Captech capacitor power factor

Voltage Optimisation Energy Efficiency Work Given a ‘Tick of Approval’

Voltage optimisation and voltage stability ensures consistent and optimal electrical supply to an organisation’s premises, and results in a range of cost saving benefits. With supermarkets typically consuming the majority of their energy in their retail operations through refrigeration and air conditioning, Woolworths selected Captech to implement cost saving voltage optimisation measures by supplying 100 […]

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Bender NGRM700

Captech has Launched the Only NER Monitor Compliant to AS/NZS 2081

The earthing system plays an important role in an electrical network. For network operators and end users, avoiding damage to equipment and providing a safe operating environment for personnel and continuity of supply are major drivers behind implementing reliable fault mitigation schemes. A widely utilised approach to managing fault currents is the installation of neutral […]

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power factor correction equipment Captech

The ROI of Power Factor Correction – A Whitepaper

Issues surrounding escalating production costs, energy efficiency and a trend towards kVA based maximum demand charges are driving mining companies to re-think how they optimise their electricity supply and distribution infrastructure. Often located at the end of the grid and characterised by heavy start up loads, mine sites are particularly susceptible to power quality issues. […]

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