Residual Current Monitor

Introducing the RCM410R – An effective solution to earth fault monitoring

Designed to detect and locate developing earth faults, residual current monitors are of critical importance to essential electrical systems and equipment. Whilst providing a level of protection to human life, the permanent monitoring of earth currents within electrical installations and equipment also assists in the avoidance of unexpected power interruption and system downtime. Bender’s range […]

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Power Factor Correction system

Power Factor Correction and its Effect on your Bottom Line

Inefficient utilisation of incoming power can lead to significant, unnecessary costs added to your power bill. In addition, poor power quality will have a negative impact on the ongoing, efficient operation of workplace machinery. Power Factor Correction acts as a means to improve power quality, ensuring that incoming power is consumed efficiently by your electrical […]

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HIESN March 2020 Meeting

Captech Presents at Hunter Industry Electrical Safety Network Meeting

On March 5, 2020 Captech’s George Kotenko presented at the Hunter Industry Safety Electrical Network (HISEN) on ‘The Power in Electrical Safety’ where he outlined the importance of electrical safety for low-voltage generating sets. George explained why only generators with isolated output and insulation monitoring devices fitted can offer enhanced electrical safety. Also it was […]

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Energy Efficiency Banner

Captech Presents at 2019 Energy Efficiency Expo

Captech will be exhibiting and presenting at the upcoming Energy Efficiency Expo, held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on October 23 -24. While at the expo delegates can drop into our stand (G118) to learn more about our product offerings including, Smart Power Quality Systems, Power Factor Correction, Voltage Optimisation, our range of […]

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Woolworths store Captech capacitor power factor

Voltage Optimisation Energy Efficiency Work Given a ‘Tick of Approval’

Voltage optimisation and voltage stability ensures consistent and optimal electrical supply to an organisation’s premises, and results in a range of cost saving benefits. With supermarkets typically consuming the majority of their energy in their retail operations through refrigeration and air conditioning, Woolworths selected Captech to implement cost saving voltage optimisation measures by supplying 100 […]

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Bender NGRM700

Captech has Launched the Only NER Monitor Compliant to AS/NZS 2081

The earthing system plays an important role in an electrical network. For network operators and end users, avoiding damage to equipment and providing a safe operating environment for personnel and continuity of supply are major drivers behind implementing reliable fault mitigation schemes. A widely utilised approach to managing fault currents is the installation of neutral […]

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earth leakage mining vfd vsd Captech capacitor

Is your mining application earth leakage relay VFD suitable?

The mining industry is experiencing a growing number of applications of Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) to soft start and control motors driving shovels, draglines, hoists, conveyors, longwalls, mills, fans and pumps. However, it is often ignored that not all compliant AS2081:2011 earth leakage protection relays are suitable for installations involving VFDs. In AS2081:2011 it states that should a […]

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neutral groung resistance monitor bender capetch

NER integrity – do not underestimate the importance

The application of Neutral Earthing Resistors (NER) is one of the most effective ways to maximise personnel safety (limits touch and step potentials) and to minimise mechanical and thermal damage to transformers, cables and equipment associated with earth faults. Neutral Earthing Resistors (NER) have applications in many industries including mining (a requirement under AS/NZS 2081:2011), […]

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voltage meter Captech power factor

Common issues with power supply

Common Problems with Power Supplies Explained There are a number of problems which may occur with the incoming power supply to a site. These problems cause voltage and current instability which can have a significant impact on equipment operation and power usage. Voltage stability refers to the ability of a power system to maintain steady […]

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voltage optimisation diagram

The Office of Environment and Heritage has launched its much anticipated Voltage Optimisation Guide

On Friday (April 1), the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) launched its much anticipated Voltage Optimisation Guide and Factsheet. Commissioned by OEH, the guide provides information to: Understand the basics of voltage optimisation Understand the potential benefits and impacts of voltage optimisation; and Provide a clear and simple decision making framework to […]

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