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Energy Systems Analysis & Solutions

An important part of ensuring optimum performance of a system is through energy performance monitoring and verification. System analysis identifies areas of improvement for greater efficiency and cost savings. Such analysis can include network modelling, auditing and reporting. Captech’s extensive engineering capability can assist in providing system analysis and customised energy management solutions to improve system performance.

When can we help you? Are you experiencing…

  1. High energy costs
  2. Unstable equipment operation or failure
  3. Production losses

What is the Energy Management Process?


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What we offer

Captech provides a wide range of energy management services with the focus on power factor correction, energy use optimisation and process integration.

Our depth of expertise and experience provides support to customers in formulation and implementation of energy management projects.

Captech’s commitment is to provide customers with self-funding Energy Management Solutions which satisfy individual financial performance requirements, recommending solutions which save energy, maximise productivity, reduce maintenance and operating costs, improve bottom line performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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