Protection Devices

Electrical Protection within electrical systems consists of relays, monitoring and earthing devices, and surge protection to protect both people and the system itself.

Captech offer electrical protection relays and fault monitoring devices through their partnership with Bender, a global leader in electrical safety solutions.

Captech also offer Neutral Earth Resistors (NER) which protect equipment from damage in the event of earth faults. Combined with state-of-the-art NER Monitors (NERM), earth fault limiting  of electrical systems can be maintained to the highest standards.

Protection Relays and Monitoring

Bender have a range of protection products available including:

  • Insulation Monitoring Devices
  • Voltage and Current Monitoring Devices
  • Earth Fault Monitoring Devices
  • Power Quality and Energy Metering
  • Earth Continuity Monitoring Devices
  • Neutral Earth Resistor Monitoring Devices

See more information on our Safety and Protection Relays page.


Neutral Earthing Resistors

Captech offer a range of high performance NER solutions.

Available as a standard or customised unit, Captech neutral earthing resistors can be supplied as individual units, packaged with a transformer or integrated into a power distribution system.

NERs are available with roof mounted or side mounted HV bushings. Lower voltage units may have the connection point underneath.

Captech utilise Powerohm resistors as the base technology of our neutral earthing resistors used in mining, utility network and industrial electrical systems. Captech are exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributors of Powerohm resistors.

See more information on our Neutral Earthing Resistor page.

How Does an NER Work?

neutral earthing resistor Captech

Surge and Lightning Protection

Surge protection minimises the risk of damage from lightning strikes, voltage and power surges and transient voltages by blocking or redirecting unwanted surge current to earth.

This type of protection can protect you from:

  • Damage to electrical, electronic or communication equipment due to power surges or transient voltages
  • Risk of damage occurring due to an unstable power supply or lightning strike.

Lightning protection Captech

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