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Safety and Protection Relays

Captech offers a range of electrical safety equipment including protection relays and fault monitoring devices to protect both people and infrastructure.

Captech are partnered with Bender, a global leader in electrical safety solutions for all industries and applications.


Introducing the NGRM500 Neutral Earthing Resistor Monitor. Compliant to AS2081.

Bender insulation monitoring

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When is fault monitoring right for you? Are you experiencing…

  1. Unstable equipment operation including spurious tripping of protection devices
  2. Production losses due to unplanned downtime to service equipment
  3. High maintenance costs

What is a fault monitoring device?

Fault monitoring devices are designed to detect and locate developing earth faults on essential electrical systems and equipment to enable repairs to be carried out prior to system failure.

They can be used in grounded and ungrounded system applications to ensure the integrity of an electrical circuit, improve electrical safety for personnel and reduce the risk of damage to equipment due to earth faults, insulation failure, under/over voltage, under/over current, phase unbalance and frequency deviation conditions.

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What we offer

Bender has over 65 years’ experience in the field of electrical safety.

The company specialises in the design and manufacture of highly sensitive insulation monitoring devices and on-line earth fault location systems and are recognised across a wide range of industries including healthcare, hospitals, rail, mining, defence, petrochemicals as well as renewable markets such as wind and solar.


Bender has a range of monitoring devices including:

Insulation Monitoring Devices

For the whole range of electrical power supplies, Bender provides appropriate solutions for most applications. Taking all types of system structures and loads into account, Insulation Monitoring Devices using Bender’s patented measuring principles guarantee reliable evaluation of the insulation resistance for:

  • Nominal system voltages AC, DC or AC/DC up to 12 kV
  • System configurations 1Ph, 3Ph, disconnected loads
  • System leakage capacitances up to 2000 µF
  • Response values from 0.2 kΩ to 10 MΩ


Insulation Monitoring Devices

Product range overview pdf

Voltage and Current Monitoring Devices

Bender’s line of voltage and current relays are powerful, fully-featured devices which can monitor over and under voltage, over and under current, over and under frequency. Three-phase voltage monitoring devices also monitor phase sequence and failure.

All compact devices feature digital displays showing values in real-time and also allow for entering precise alarm values.


Voltage and Current Monitoring Devices

Product range overview pdf

Earth Fault Monitoring Devices

Bender earth fault monitoring systems for earthed power supply systems (TN/TT systems) monitor electrical installations for residual and/or fault currents, display the latest measured value and signal when pre-set response values are exceeded as required by the relevant standards. The permanent earth current monitoring of electrical installations and equipment assists in preventive maintenance.


Earth Fault Monitoring Devices

Product range overview pdf

Power Quality and Energy Metering

To ensure personnel and equipment safety, operating conditions of electrical installations have to be monitored continuously. The physical quantities of current and voltage are not visible to humans without the use of appropriate measuring devices.

PEM series universal measuring devices (Power Quality and Energy Measurement) record all relevant parameters such as current, voltage, frequency, power, harmonics and the energy consumption of electrical supply systems, to mention but a few.


Power Quality and Energy Metering

Product range overview pdf

Earth Continuity Monitoring Devices

Continuity monitors monitor the earth conductor of systems via a measurement of the resistance of the loop. They are frequently used as ground continuity monitors for systems where a proper ground connection is critical.


Neutral Earth Resistor Monitoring Devices

The occurrence of loose connections between the NER and star point or earth, or the loss of integrity of the NER, results in the conversion of the resistance grounded system into an ungrounded system, rendering the current sensing earth fault detection ineffective and a false belief that the system is in a healthy functioning state.

To ensure that protection against earth fault currents in resistance grounded systems is not compromised and operates as intended, it is critical to continuously monitor the integrity of the NER.

Introducing the NGRM700

The NGRM700 is a newly developed NER Monitor for today’s systems. The capability to meet the requirements for AS2081 and the capability of monitoring systems up to 25kv make the NGRM700 a first choice for this market. Mounting flexibility, added features and communication capability meets the Australian market in a number of areas.

Captech Bender NERM NGRM700 neutral earthing resistor monitor

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