A Static Synchronous Compensator, or STATCOM, is a combination of an active harmonic filter and dynamic reactive power compensator that provides real-time reactive power compensation and active harmonic filtering in demanding applications.

Whilst conventional technologies are too slow to control capacitive or inductive powers and ensure a stable power system, the Merus STATCOM is an extremely fast and reliable power system with a response time less than 1 millisecond. This singular device can solve a variety of customer challenges. Merus STATCOMs minimize voltage variations and mitigate flicker caused by heavy industrial loads, such as electric arc furnaces (EAFs), mine winders, harbour cranes, excavators, etc.

When is a STATCOM right for you?

Merus STATCOM is the right solution to solve the following power quality challenges for heavy industry:

  • Voltage variation and flicker
  • Poor power factor
  • Harmonics distortions
  • Voltage sags
  • Entrapped capacities of transmission and distribution network

Typical Industries and Benefits

  • Electric Arc Furnaces – voltage stabilisation reduces tap-to-tap time and electrode consumption.
  • Rolling Mills – elimination of voltage and harmonic distortions reduces reactive power demand and increases electrical system capacity.
  • Mining and heavy industry – dynamic reactive power compensation stabilise the power system, especially on large motor start up, ensuring reliability of the power system.
  • Wind and solar farms – meeting strict grid connection criteria by providing dynamic voltage control and voltage stability at the common coupling point (PCC).
  • Renewables markets – including solar farms, wind farms, solar panel installations.

How does Merus STATCOM work?

M-Series STATCOM, a Voltage source converter (VSC) based modern compensation system, can act as a source or sink for reactive power. It consists of a controllable part that can operate as capacitive and inductive power and keeps the reactive power flow constant in the system. If there is a need for reactive power in the supply grid, Merus STATCOM can provide instant reactive power support to stabilize the grid. On contrary situation, it absorbs the additional VArs to ensure the stability of the grid.

With pulse-width modulation (PWM), voltage source converter provides faster converter control, which is pre-requisite for excellent flicker reduction. The fixed capacitor banks can be implemented in the system when inductive reactive power demand is less than capacitive.

Merus STATCOM solution comes with advanced Merus Control and Protection (C&P) system. Equipped with 19” modern touch screen user-interface, Merus Control and Protection system provides excellent performance for voltage stabilization, flicker reduction, reactive power control, harmonics mitigation and power factor control.

Merus STATCOM Configuration

What we offer

  • System studies and in-depth analysis
  • Engineering, simulation and design
  • Factory tests for validation of required criteria
  • On-site delivery, installation and commissioning
  • Training and after sales support
  • Modernisation and system upgrades

Typical STATCOM layouts

  • 33kV, 144MVAr 2. 6kV,
  • 8MVAr – Containerised Solution

Choosing between Merus STATCOM and Merus SVC

Merus STATCOM and Merus SVC both are proven and reliable solutions to solve power quality challenges. To select the right solution for your specific power quality challenge and application, please feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to analyse your power quality challenge and suggest the right solution.

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