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Surge and Lightning Protection

Surge protection minimises the risk of damage from lightning strikes, voltage and power surges and transient voltages by blocking or redirecting unwanted surge current to earth.

When is surge protection right for you? Are you experiencing…

  1. Damage to electrical, electronic or communication equipment due to power surges or transient voltages
  2. Risk of damage occurring due to an unstable power supply or lightning strike.

How does surge protection work?

A surge or lightning protection device prevents damage to electrical equipment from over-voltage transient events by blocking or redirecting surge current to the ground instead of passing through the equipment.

Surge protection is connected to a conductor on the line side of equipment. The protection is also connected to ground and functions by routing energy from an over-voltage transient to ground if one occurs, while isolating the conductor from ground at normal operating voltages. A varistor is usually adopted to achieve this, as its resistance is variable for different voltage levels.


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