A Static VAR Generator (SVG) Hybrid Active Power Factor Correction system (HAPFCs) is a device connected in parallel with the load to be compensated. The device is a controlled current source which provides a current waveform in real time.

In our case they are high performance, compact, flexible, modular and cost-effective active power filters (APF) that provide an instantaneous and effective response to power quality problems in low or high voltage electric power systems. They enable longer equipment lifetime, higher process reliability, improved power system capacity and stability, and reduced energy losses, complying with most demanding power quality standards and grid codes.

Typical Applications

SVGs have many low and high voltage potential applications where their use offers many benefits.

  • Installations with fast changing reactive power demand like electric arc furnaces and ball mills
  • Highly dynamic loads where the power factor fluctuates rapidly or in big steps like cranes, sawmill machinery, welding machines, etc.
  • Correction of leading power factor like in data centers, enabling back-up generators to more easily synchronise with the network
  • UPS systems.
  • Solar and wind turbine generators.
  • Railway electrification systems: Trains & trams
  • Loads with low power factor: Motors, cables, lightly loaded transformers, lighting, etc.

Responding to System Variations

The increase of non-linear and other challenging loads in electrical grids present unique power quality challenges. As a result Captech has developed a Hybrid Active Power Factor Correction System that provides a cost effective and very fast  solution to power system variations enabling longer equipment life, higher process reliability and reduced energy losses, complying with most demanding power quality standards and grid codes.

Captech’s Hybrid PFC system is a flexible, high performance and cost effective solution used to mitigate power quality problems generated by the equipment installed in electric power systems, enhancing equipment operating life-time, and improving power system capacity. These Smart Active Power Quality hybrid systems can be programmed to provide the following functions in real time:

  • Eliminate harmonic currents and voltages.
  • Power factor correction (lagging or leading).
  • Reduction of voltage variations (sags and swells).
  • Voltage fluctuations (flicker) mitigation.
  • Load balancing in three-phase systems.

The systems have the flexibility of a voltage range from 200V up to 690V without the need of a step-up transformer. Over 1 kV we use a step-up transformer.


Captech’s SVG Hybrid Active Power Factor Correction System has many competitive advantages:

  • Stepless & Seemless output: No visible “steps” in the reactive power, achieving a better performance than only using capacitor bank or reactor bank steps.
  • Complete power quality improvement solution for low or high voltage applications including real-time elimination of harmonics, flicker mitigation and load balancing.
  • Only one CT-signal input required from the system: No need for duplicated CTs.
  • No System Hunting. No need for extra controller for the capacitor bank or for the reactor bank.
  • No need for different step ratios: Capacitor banks can be built with all steps of the same rating, making the design simple and needing only one type of capacitor unit in stock. Steps can be of largest suitable rating to optimize costs and reduce layout.
  • Two operation modes: Ultra-fast mode for changing loads in open-loop, and PFC mode for traditional closed-loop control.
  • Capacitive and inductive real-time reactive power compensation: The HAPFC can also produce inductive reactive power. This ensures that there will be no overcompensation from steps or loads.
  • Stable control as all power quality problems of the installation are managed by a single controller.
  • Easy installation, commissioning and operation with touchscreen HMI.
  • No risk of harmonic amplification or resonance in the system.
  • Compact design and easily expandable.


This technology can also be referred to as:

  • Active Power Factor Correction Compensator
  • Static Var Generator (SVG)
  • Advanced Static Var Generator (ASVG)
  • Active Load Balancer
  • Hybrid VAR Generators
  • Instantaneous Reactive Power Compensator
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