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Uninterrupted Power Quality

Uninterrupted Power Quality (UPQ) is an innovative concept, combining the functionalities of an active harmonic filter and a UPS into a single robust solution. UPQ protects mission critical processes from supply interruptions and voltage sags while maintaining supply voltage quality by compensating harmonic currents and the reactive power fluctuations of non-linear loads.

Captech is an Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Region distributor of Merus Power UPQ systems.

When is Uninterrupted Power Quality right for you?

UPQ is designed to maintain a high quality uninterrupted power supply in modern mission critical processes.

Customer challenges include:

  • Unplanned interruptions due to power outages and voltage sags
  • Loss of production and valuable data
  • Underutilised installed electrical resources
  • Damage to sensitive electrical equipment
  • Rapid aging of electrical resources

UPQ can offer seamless operation for commercial buildings, manufacturing plants as well as wind and solar farms.

How does Uninterrupted Power Quality (UPQ) work?

UPQ is a unique solution that combines the benefits of various power quality systems in one single robust system.

Compete protection is provided through two operation modes:

1. Power Protection Mode

In the event of a power outage or voltage sag, the power protection mode is activated in the UPQ. During this mode, the UPQ injects real active power to the loads, ensuring complete immunity to the mission critical processes from short-term outages and voltage sags. This guarantees maximum system availability and reliability.

2. Power Quality Mode
After the fault is cleared, the UPQ returns to its normal operation mode which provides power quality functionality. In this mode, it actively filters harmonic currents up to the 50th order, and performs flicker mitigation and load balancing, as well as improves power factor.

What we offer

Total customization with modular design

Full scalability is achieved through modularity in both the power electronic units as well as in selection of the energy storage medium (super capacitors, lithium-ion or lead-acid). The freedom to choose from different energy storage media gives the plant owner the opportunity to optimise the investment cost according to the protection time, cost or environmental considerations.

Comprehensive protection with a single robust solution

Conventional solutions in the market offer limited protection, which is often limited to either supply side or load side challenges. Merus UPQ is a comprehensive and effective protection package from supply as well as load side disturbances. It combines the benefits of several solutions e.g. UPS, Power Conditioning and Active Harmonic Filtering into a single robust solution.

Enabling interruption-free business processes with a dynamic real time response

Merus UPQ is built on modern power electronics technology which ensures an extremely fast and effective response to power outages, voltage sags and a number of other power quality disturbances. During the power quality mode, Merus UPQ filters harmonic distortions and improves power factor with a response time of less than 1 millisecond. In the event of a power outage or voltage sag, switching to the power protection mode takes place in less than 10 milliseconds. Such a dynamic performance ensures maximum up-time and system availability for crucial business processes.

Entire facility protection with flexibility of connecting Merus UPQ at any voltage level

Unlike conventional solutions, Merus UPQ provides superior connectivity options. It could be easily connected at any voltage level up to 38.5 kV. Such flexibility allows the design of an economically viable power protection solution for entire production processes. This excellent feature keeps production downtime to a minimum in your entire facility.

Low loss solution which simultaneously extends the lifespan of your facility by actively filtering harmonic distortions

Rotary UPS has mechanical parts which cause additional losses. Conventional static UPS solutions are connected in the series, thus they have low efficiency. Unlike these conventional technologies, Merus UPQ does not have mechanical parts and is connected parallel with the loads which results in an excellent low loss solution. Furthermore, in power quality mode Merus UPQ constantly filters harmonic currents from the electrical network, thus ensuring that the plants fulfil their promised lifespan.

Modern Monitoring and Reporting Functionality

Sophisticated touch screen panel provides advanced monitoring options, either on-site or off-site. Remote monitoring is possible through the Ethernet, which keeps you updated through reporting functionality. Modern monitoring and reporting functions feed the user with relevant information and have the option to be integrated to other SCADA systems via smart communication features.

Turnkey Solution

The Captech team has the proven technical capabilities to provide you with a turnkey solution. Our team takes over the turnkey projects from the problem recognition phase and provides comprehensive services until the commissioning and training of the client’s personnel.

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