Voltage optimisation aims to reduce the voltage received by electrical equipment to improve operating efficiency as well as reduce energy costs and power demand. It can improve power quality by filtering harmonic and transient voltages as well as balancing phase voltages.

When is Voltage Optimisation right for you?

  1. Overheating of transformers, switchgear and cabling
  2. Nuisance tripping of circuit breakers or fuses
  3. Unstable equipment operation
  4. High energy costs

How does voltage optimisation work?

Network providers supply power to customers at a higher nominal value than generally required to operate equipment. They do this to ensure that all customers receive acceptable voltage levels taking into account voltage drop and customer loading. This means that the voltage levels consumed are generally higher than that required to efficiently operate equipment, and can results in over voltage issues such as overheating and malfunctions, as well as increased energy costs.

Voltage optimisation devices are installed in series with the incoming supply and the end user equipment to reduce the voltage down to optimal levels for equipment operation. Further, the ability to adjust the incoming voltage allows for a reduction in harmonics and transient voltage spikes to ensure a stable and reliable power supply to plant and equipment.


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The benefits of voltage optimisation include improved power quality, less equipment maintenance and improved equipment life, and reduced energy consumption. This can provide significant cost savings.

What we offer

Captech are exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributors of ORTEA voltage optimisation and energy saving systems.

ORTEA’s OPTInet Plus voltage optimisation systems optimise an incoming power supply resulting in reduced energy usage and cost savings. The systems use a unique electro mechanical power circuit and sophisticated electronic controls to deliver voltage regulation, exceptional performance, robustness, fast response times and operating efficiency.

OPTInet Plus adjusts the incoming voltage to what is required for the site equipment to operate at an optimum level. The energy saving system also regulates the incoming voltage, out of balance phases or overvoltage experienced on the network.

Each system is custom built to suit the exact needs of an individual site, determined through a site survey and study.

Contact Captech here for an obligation free chat about an electrical system audit. We can analyse your system and provide a feasibility business case for your consideration.

OPTInet Plus is a field proven trusted technology, reliably operating in challenging environments all over the world.

OPTInet energy saving system provides:

  • Voltage regulation, adjustment, voltage stabilisation and phase balancing in a single unit
  • Reduced energy consumption and maximum demand resulting in energy savings and lower power costs
  • Optimised performance of installed equipment and increase life expectancy
  • Improved power factor
  • Protection of vital electrical systems from voltage fluctuations
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